Re-engineering engineering

We are turning lines of code into reliable distributed systems so our customers can focus on creating value rather than wrestling with complexity.

We logged some serious overtime keeping the lights on of large-scale distributed systems. Our past lives building and scaling infrastructure at companies like Segment, Facebook, and Twitch made us intimately familiar with the challenges these systems bring. Let’s just say we’ve learned a few tricks along the way!

Our mission is to make distributed systems development radically simpler — think fewer late nights fueled by frustration and takeout — so software developers can focus on delivering customer value. And our commitment to open-source means we’re all about sharing those hard-won lessons.

The people behind it

We're a small, agile team of developers with experience of building and scaling distributed systems at Segment, Twitch, Adobe, Twilio and Facebook.

Julien Fabre Julien Fabre Co-founder & CEO
Achille Roussel Achille Roussel Co-founder & CTO
Chris O'Hara Chris O'Hara Founding Engineer
Sergey Rubanov Sergey Rubanov Software Engineer

Join us

We're here to simplify complex systems, letting our users focus on creating value. Shape the future of distributed systems with us.